February 20, 2010

Ciao from Italy.

I'm not wasting time to catch you all up on my life/new boys/old boys/girls (YEA IM STRAIGHT NOW DONT ASK ?'s)/bad jokes

Instead I leave you with this picture of our favorite little troll, David. Enjoy.

January 12, 2010

me + brgr + roisin murphy -marc = today?

so marc kind of went to florence which is really exciting for him .. miss him obviously ... i can't wait to study abroad. i'm in the process of applying to study in Paris next fall...

.. anyway i decided to go binge eat after my class today at BRGR (milkshake + burger) and they played this song Dear Miami - Roisin Murphy .. I've tried to like her music in the past and haven't succeeded .. but this song is beautiful.

I've encountered this crazy woman a couple of times .. most recently she sang live for the Viktor & Rolf show in a custom made creation by the duo.

roisin VR

The first time I encountered her was at Philllip Lim Spring Summer 09 Show .. i was sitting behind her and a fair amount of flashbulbs were going off and I had no clue who she was, I just remembered her silly hat...

roisin phillip

Then Marc and I ran into her, literally, at the ThreeAsFour presentation .. The presentation was in some gallery in Chelsea if i recall correctly and the only way to get up was this dingy freight elevator.. so luxe .. So we're all crammed in this industrial loading dock kind of area and this patent leather coat pokes into me, and it turns out to be her squeezing through to the front of the line in either Gareth Pugh or Margiela .. I forget .. sue me, sorry .. must've been Margiela I think.. But here she is wearing Gareth...

roisin GP

anywho please enjoy the song .. that's all


January 1, 2010

Museum of Sex x Hermes

So I was walking down 5th Avenue with Marc and we pass by the Museum of Sex .. the windows had been covered up for the longest time so it struck me when i saw something bright in the window .. an illuminated Birkin Bag full of Dildos! Talk about a High - Low collaboration.. mind is blown. that is all .. Xx D