December 4, 2009

coming out of hibernation for...

Sooo... yeah... long time no talk! I thought I'd do a quick post about the e-commerce launch of one of my favorite brands! Kenzo! ... But as its turns out, this is going to be a long, overdue post dedicated to Kenzo and Taylor Tomasi..

spring summer 2009 ad campaign shot by Mario Sorrenti featuring Magdalena, Marcel and Guinevere

It's a french brand that I encountered the first time I was in Paris when I was 16 .. I got a neon chartreuse pullover sweater from the Place des Victoires store . It has thick white visible stitching details at the shoulders and at the bottom side seams .. so lovely!

Anyway, here's a picture of the new site and a sweater i love! It's an interesting combination of a slouchy v neck sweater with a polo shirt .. I don't usually wear polo shirts but i think this combination is a quirky take that I'd certainly wear!

Kenzo, to me exudes fantasy .. from their fragrance to their always ethereal ad campaigns ..

Last Fashion, week I ran into Taylor Tomasi Hill, ex Teen Vogue Editor, now Style and Accessories Director of Marie Claire.
I was standing outside the Tents at Bryant Park waiting for a friend to arrive and then all of a sudden, she appeared. Head down, gazing at my blackberry, I peak up to catch right in front of me, these furry pedestal like boots ascending the steps. I glanced upward to see auburn hair and her frilly skirt walk into the tents. I was awestruck; it was a slow motion, indie movie kind of moment.

picture from

It took me a little bit to remember where the boots were from..They aren't your run of the mill Pierre Hardy's or Louboutins.. It's nice to see an editor wearing something out of the ordinary. After all, Kenzo is not a brand that is all that well known / advertised in the American market. Kudos to her! And when paired with her frilly asymmetric skirt, they looked great!

Here's the whole outfit.. lovely!

While talking about her, allow me to post one of my favorite street style shots of her.. love the pop of her yellow boots..

picture from the Sartorialist

That's all, time to do my product development project that's due in the morning!! it's only 2am now!

xx D

October 9, 2009


UGH I've had this odd insomnia kick for the past week.. it's getting debilitating.. it's just 5:50 am and i'm STILL meandering through my bloglist, praying for some weird reason that Fashionista would have somehow come up with another cheesy adventures in copyright post in the middle of the night.. I am sadly let down. I just read NYMag's daily intel for 2 hours. Not even a McQueen Lady Gaga finale can cure this.. well maybe..

Anyway... thought I'd post a lovely little comparison that's been brewing in my head for the past few hours.. I just watched one of my favorite childhood movies, Hocus Pocus with some friends.
The comparison might seem rude, comparing Lynn to a costume maquillaged (first imaginary french word of the post) Bette Midler. But it's not, I have a sartorial liking / mild fascination with Lynn and I feel it's just right (I can't really think of an explanation so just deal).. Although Bette might have to sing to 'put a spell on you,' Lynn just has to don a name embroidered cardigan or customized Goyard to bewitch the little dandy inside of me.

(Lynn Yaeger picture taken from coutorture)

(Redhead, bleached brow, cherub cheeks, strong lip)

So instead of going to sleep I'm going to procrastinate by reliving the recently past fashion week in NY.

Although pictures are nice mementos, I dislike taking pictures at shows because then it takes you out of the experience. Your yearning to capture the moment takes you out of it.. no good! I'll look at pics on and watching the show on youtube later.. it's nice to take it all in.. so here are a few pictures that I did take..

I snapped this picture after Ohne Titel, not too creepy right?

(Baby Lynnie and Mickey B)

After Ohne Titel, Marc and I had to hide in McDonald's to avoid the ever snapping style photogs that were stalking us all day.. fortunately I snapped a pic of them! ha! Talk about role reversals .. yeah it seemed funnier in my head .. I wish there was a role reversal button.. two hungry fashion students would gladly switch with this crew. (I call Hanneli and Tommy, leaves Susie to Marc..)

(Hanneli, Tommy Ton of Jak&Jil and Susie Bubble from our McD hideout post)

Cecilia Dean of Visionaire had walked by just before but the stash of movie tickets in my blackberry case blocked the shot!

Marc's two favorite 3 letter icons : YSL and McD. Yes they go hand in hand.

Hmm maybe I should do some typing for school?

EDIT - so hmm got to class this fine AM and I had an exam on business partnerships, stocks and IPOs etc , I'm throwing out all the terms I can remember ... If only there was extra credit for naming the newest adventure in copyright, creations that tavi just wore or celebrities/models bryan boy has recently mingled with... hmm


October 8, 2009

Dear Marc Jacobs

Marc's Take on Vuitton--Why, oh why have you done this to me. I get it, youre sober. Youre happy. Youre just bein Marc. I get it I promise. BUT WHY did you have to take out your newly found love, happiness and amazingly well toned bod on the little innocent child that is Louis Vuitton. You have serverly disappointed me this season Marc. Yes the afros were quite the shock that I am almost positive you were looking for. But the clothes Marc, the clothes. I will not deny some looks aren't entirely bad but most have me wondering whether or not I was watching a Louis Vuitton or Marc by Marc Jacobs. Yes, the biker shorts were cute and YES who doesn't want to see Natasha Poly in an afro but seriously I just can't get over the shoes. I can only really sum up the shoes in an image that I have complied just for TSP.

Overall, I thought the collection was a bust, a fusion of LV monogram, UGGS, mucklucks, MxMJ and pure fug. Heres to hoping next season brings dreadlocks and army boots!

Apologies for the lack of posts. Our lives have been equally kind of cray-cray. I am finally able to sit down and get some much needed inspiration posts done. To be honest I think what I find really interesting in a designer is how they get inspired. Take the Rodarte sisters, give them a horror movie and a living dead doll and they are set. However I may be referencing things from the 1980's. As the design part of this blog duo I feel its only fair to let you guys know a bit about what happens in my mind when I get inspired.

I don't exactly think I look at photos the same way as many people do. When I see a photo I get a feeling, regardless of if I was there for the photo or not. A feeling of what it would like to be in that photo. The lighting, the people in it, the movement everything and anything in that photo only helps me realize a vision. I think its why I have no problem basing an entire 10 look collection around a single photo. Sure, of course I throw in some reference points for good measure but to be honest the single biggest thing that I think about is trying to give the women who wear my clothes the feeling that I got through that picture. I really get inspired off of inanimate objects to be honest. Its why I have such trouble keeping a sketch book, because all of these images are on my computer just sitting there and truly I am too lazy to print them all out and paste them onto pieces of paper. Oh, well. I guess to each their own?

But not only to photos inspire me but the feelings I get from stories or from when I am just walking around. You know when you have those kind of little moments where your like "GEE, THIS IS KIND OF REALLY COOL RIGHT NOW". I compile those moments and replay them over and over and over again to help to get my creativity flowing. I'm going to leave this post with a few images which I truly think tell stories and give great feelings, I won't say what they mean to me but I would love to hear how they inspire you.

(photocred to Lindsay R for some of these AMAZE images and to Alex for the picture of the trees LOVING HER <3)

October 6, 2009


So I'm definitely being late for class so I can catch the live streaming of Alexander McQueen's SS 2010 collection..

first pic on twitter from mad0789


October 4, 2009

About to Butch it Up...

LOL at American Eagle for copying the classic, the Red Wing Boot..

(Classic Red Wing Boot on the left, American Eagle 'Woodsman Boot' on the right)

I'm kind of tempted to go to ... I can say it... American.... bleeeagahhhh .. American Eagle and try them on. They don't look bad on the internet, I'm just not sure if the quality will be there.. The AE Boots are $79 and the Red Wings are $191 .. hmmm.. this is a dilemma... It's a recession!!


P.S. don't expect any butch posts like this from Marc..

(omg rude! I was planning on doing write ups on who, in my opnion, has the cutest jersey in NFL. so suck on that one!) xxM

get your own post.. xxD

Dear Riccardo,

I was extremely excited to see your défilé (yes I obnoxiously italicized a foreign word ) today. Perhaps most excited for the casting, as I expecting the return of my favorite model, Lara Stone .. which left me slightly happy. However you're unique way of piecing together this collection, wasn't my favorite. I'm usually awestruck by your collections and was hoping for a little more.. I love Alla as a conehead ... what a chic halloween outfit. Overall, quite beautiful. It's impossible to hate you Riccardo..

S/S 2007 Prints + Spring Couture 2009 Draping + Typical Black Givenchy Tendencies + Coneheads + Sick Shoes + Great Models = S/S 2010

In effect, its a combination of the prints Riccardo usually uses ( ie. white, black, and neutrals like brown and cream), his gorgeous draping and a good measure of black and leather. Throw in some insane shoes et voila. C'est Givenchy.

( Givenchy F/W 2007 - Freja Beha Erichsen, Snejana Onopka, Sasha Pivovarova )


( Givenchy Spring 2009 Couture- Natasha Poly, Lily Donaldson and Jourdan Dunn)


( Coneheads )


( S/S 10 images from Catwalking and others from )

xx D

She has Risen from the Dead

All Hail the Queen.

that's all

October 2, 2009


I'll be the first to admit that I haven't really cared about many models. But the ones that I do follow and root for are the 3 sweetest girls. Katie Fogarty (NEXT), R'el Dade ( Marilyn) and Taylor Kraemer (Marilyn) are all friends of mine and I could not be happier seeing them rise to the top this season.

I first met Katie Fogarty while I was scouting for a model website. I asked her if she was signed with anyone and she took off her sunglasses and was like "Yeah! I'm Katie, signed with Next," and then I felt like an idiot because I didn't recognize her in the glasses! We walked home together and exhanged numbers and ended up hanging out later on down the road. We went out for coffee, had a little crepe date in Washington Sqaure Park, oh and we may have taken a pit stop in American Apparel where Katie served up this look as styled by me.

Shes been in the game for 3 seasons after being a Prada exclusive for Spring 2009 and walking dozens of shows in the Fall 09 season. She has been walkin' all over the place this season and I couldn't be happier! She is one of the sweetest girls; she exudes energy like no other. She was recently photographed in a tee shirt that I made! (
Thanks to Katie and I am hoping to see her shortly!
(Katie at the Vogue Offices in my Tee Shirt)

(Katie At Dolce, Alexander Wang (HER FAVORITE!!) and Balenciaga!)

I have heard that R'el Dade is the new black beauty of the season and I could not agree more! She's a fresh face at Marilyn from Texas and let me tell you this girl is GORGEOUS. Not only is she gorgeous but she is an absolute doll and is so nice to everyone she meets. I first met her when she shoot a look book for my good friend and mentor Daniel Vosovic, check out his website ( We chatted about how everyone always calls us so skinny and that we should eat and etc etc. R'el has walked some AMAZING shows this season and everytime I see her I get so excited! Can't wait to see what comes her way.
(R'el at Marc by Marc Jacobs, Ohne Titel and CHRISTIAN DIOR!!!)

Last but definitely not least, Taylor Kraemer has been lighting up the runways with her young fresh face. She's signed with Marilyn.

I have quite the funny story about this one. One day after seeing an apartment with David, I was walking along the street when I saw this tall, blonde, stunning girl. I stopped in my tracks and sprinted down the block to go talk to her. After catching up she told me she was in town to go to agencies and was really excited for everything. Well here we are almost through with Fashion Week and this girl has walked show after show. She is so kind and so cute and her personality beats anyones backstage. I seriously can not WAIT to see what this blonde bomb shell does and am anxiously awaiting campaign season to see what this beauty will scoop up.

EDITOR'S NOTE, from David: Marc and I were both walking down the street when we saw this tall girl cross (Taylor) , Marc subsequently freaked out and I couldn't stop laughing, after a short debate he went running after her while I chilled out in front of the Liquor store on Broadway and Waverly..I'm not very good at modeling scouting.

(Taylor at A.F Vandevorst, Burberry and MARC JACOBS!!!)
Here are both of the girls backstage at MxMJ. Loving them. GOOD LUCK GIRLS!