October 8, 2009

Dear Marc Jacobs

Marc's Take on Vuitton--Why, oh why have you done this to me. I get it, youre sober. Youre happy. Youre just bein Marc. I get it I promise. BUT WHY did you have to take out your newly found love, happiness and amazingly well toned bod on the little innocent child that is Louis Vuitton. You have serverly disappointed me this season Marc. Yes the afros were quite the shock that I am almost positive you were looking for. But the clothes Marc, the clothes. I will not deny some looks aren't entirely bad but most have me wondering whether or not I was watching a Louis Vuitton or Marc by Marc Jacobs. Yes, the biker shorts were cute and YES who doesn't want to see Natasha Poly in an afro but seriously I just can't get over the shoes. I can only really sum up the shoes in an image that I have complied just for TSP.

Overall, I thought the collection was a bust, a fusion of LV monogram, UGGS, mucklucks, MxMJ and pure fug. Heres to hoping next season brings dreadlocks and army boots!

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