October 2, 2009


I'll be the first to admit that I haven't really cared about many models. But the ones that I do follow and root for are the 3 sweetest girls. Katie Fogarty (NEXT), R'el Dade ( Marilyn) and Taylor Kraemer (Marilyn) are all friends of mine and I could not be happier seeing them rise to the top this season.

I first met Katie Fogarty while I was scouting for a model website. I asked her if she was signed with anyone and she took off her sunglasses and was like "Yeah! I'm Katie, signed with Next," and then I felt like an idiot because I didn't recognize her in the glasses! We walked home together and exhanged numbers and ended up hanging out later on down the road. We went out for coffee, had a little crepe date in Washington Sqaure Park, oh and we may have taken a pit stop in American Apparel where Katie served up this look as styled by me.

Shes been in the game for 3 seasons after being a Prada exclusive for Spring 2009 and walking dozens of shows in the Fall 09 season. She has been walkin' all over the place this season and I couldn't be happier! She is one of the sweetest girls; she exudes energy like no other. She was recently photographed in a tee shirt that I made! (http://www.style.com/vogue/voguedaily/2009/09/model-wall-katie-fogarty/)
Thanks to Katie and I am hoping to see her shortly!
(Katie at the Vogue Offices in my Tee Shirt)

(Katie At Dolce, Alexander Wang (HER FAVORITE!!) and Balenciaga!)

I have heard that R'el Dade is the new black beauty of the season and I could not agree more! She's a fresh face at Marilyn from Texas and let me tell you this girl is GORGEOUS. Not only is she gorgeous but she is an absolute doll and is so nice to everyone she meets. I first met her when she shoot a look book for my good friend and mentor Daniel Vosovic, check out his website (www.danielvosovic.net). We chatted about how everyone always calls us so skinny and that we should eat and etc etc. R'el has walked some AMAZING shows this season and everytime I see her I get so excited! Can't wait to see what comes her way.
(R'el at Marc by Marc Jacobs, Ohne Titel and CHRISTIAN DIOR!!!)

Last but definitely not least, Taylor Kraemer has been lighting up the runways with her young fresh face. She's signed with Marilyn.

I have quite the funny story about this one. One day after seeing an apartment with David, I was walking along the street when I saw this tall, blonde, stunning girl. I stopped in my tracks and sprinted down the block to go talk to her. After catching up she told me she was in town to go to agencies and was really excited for everything. Well here we are almost through with Fashion Week and this girl has walked show after show. She is so kind and so cute and her personality beats anyones backstage. I seriously can not WAIT to see what this blonde bomb shell does and am anxiously awaiting campaign season to see what this beauty will scoop up.

EDITOR'S NOTE, from David: Marc and I were both walking down the street when we saw this tall girl cross (Taylor) , Marc subsequently freaked out and I couldn't stop laughing, after a short debate he went running after her while I chilled out in front of the Liquor store on Broadway and Waverly..I'm not very good at modeling scouting.

(Taylor at A.F Vandevorst, Burberry and MARC JACOBS!!!)
Here are both of the girls backstage at MxMJ. Loving them. GOOD LUCK GIRLS!


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  1. yummy post honey, loving R'el,wish her all the best but she is gorge so I doubt she will need much luck :O)
    Katie is a sweetie