October 8, 2009

Apologies for the lack of posts. Our lives have been equally kind of cray-cray. I am finally able to sit down and get some much needed inspiration posts done. To be honest I think what I find really interesting in a designer is how they get inspired. Take the Rodarte sisters, give them a horror movie and a living dead doll and they are set. However I may be referencing things from the 1980's. As the design part of this blog duo I feel its only fair to let you guys know a bit about what happens in my mind when I get inspired.

I don't exactly think I look at photos the same way as many people do. When I see a photo I get a feeling, regardless of if I was there for the photo or not. A feeling of what it would like to be in that photo. The lighting, the people in it, the movement everything and anything in that photo only helps me realize a vision. I think its why I have no problem basing an entire 10 look collection around a single photo. Sure, of course I throw in some reference points for good measure but to be honest the single biggest thing that I think about is trying to give the women who wear my clothes the feeling that I got through that picture. I really get inspired off of inanimate objects to be honest. Its why I have such trouble keeping a sketch book, because all of these images are on my computer just sitting there and truly I am too lazy to print them all out and paste them onto pieces of paper. Oh, well. I guess to each their own?

But not only to photos inspire me but the feelings I get from stories or from when I am just walking around. You know when you have those kind of little moments where your like "GEE, THIS IS KIND OF REALLY COOL RIGHT NOW". I compile those moments and replay them over and over and over again to help to get my creativity flowing. I'm going to leave this post with a few images which I truly think tell stories and give great feelings, I won't say what they mean to me but I would love to hear how they inspire you.

(photocred to Lindsay R for some of these AMAZE images and to Alex for the picture of the trees LOVING HER <3)


  1. obsessed with the last one. love the contrast of nature compared to the city. the flower is almost free flowing, colorful and asymmetrical, compared to the structure, predictability and grayness of the city. also love the shadow the flower pot leaves on the window.

  2. you totally borrowed my treeees.
    what it made me think of was that really crisp autumn smell
    when your not anywhere near nyc.
    luv x yours truely :]

  3. Valley of death
    Talk to my butt, my head is sick (liiterally translated from French = I don'care about what you're saying; What's the english motto?)
    It means nothing
    Some kindness in a brutal word