October 1, 2009

Nina Ricci Spring 2010

So, Peter Copping today was your day. Olivier Theyskens, you're about as out as Uggs (WHICH IS STILL REALLY IN AT FIT, SERIOUS ISSSSSSUUUUEEE).
(David note .. the complexity of the above statement is astounding.. Olivier technically is out yet he still remains revered.. ponder on fashionites)

This season's collection was all ABOUT the ruffle. He did them on just about everything. I mean I'm not sayin' its a bad thing I'm just saying he loves him some ruffles.

The color scheme was very muted until midway through where he started presenting a mixture of pastels, navys and black. In one of our favorite fashion (or fashin WINK WINK GET IT!) forums many readers stated it reminded them of Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 which I cant help but to agree with. Very muted and almost grandmother-ish, I guess dressing like your a fierce 60 year old is the new hot trend. Over all the collection wasn't a huge hit but I think I'm just bitter that the shows weren't the size of small children :(. MAYBE NEXT SEASON!!


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  1. got the reference!...your blog is v. chicwolf by the way.