October 2, 2009

Self-Induced Insomnia

As i'm still up, I thought I might as well share one of my favorite things, I guess you could them things.. they are quite extraordinary!

Check out more at the SHOWStudio website

I remember seeing the video above about a year ago, it still stuns me! The video above features model Magdalena Frackowiak turning freneticly while shes consumed by fashion. or maybe she's the one consuming... i'm not sure.. that's your call..

Another SHOWStudio vid is below. This time it features one of model's favorite pastimes - jumping. Unfortunately, Caroline Trentini had to call in sick the day of the shoot. So you'll just have to check out Lily Donaldson hippity hop by her lonesome self.

A picture from the video editorial, featured in V Magazine. I love the work done in postproduction here.

xx D

Well, since we are apparently sharing our favorite videos I will have to share one as well. This video features AMAZING model Anja Rubik, twerking and perhaps WERKIN so hard that her heels might break. Shot by Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben this video shows her switching up the beat of the drum for British Vogue. Check it out.


1 comment:

  1. Magdalena Frackowiak exudes sensuality at the beginning. The middle and end are violent. She looks llike in fire. it's scary.
    Vogue UK video give a good look at how it is to model. I love it. It's fun.