October 1, 2009

David's First Post

I guess it's fitting that my first post is during Paris Fashion Week. Paris Fashion Week is the most exciting of the 4 to me.. It's the most theatrical, cerebral, thought provoking week of this S/S 2010 Fashion month.. I'd also venture to say it might be the most exclusive and luxurious..

Anywho, I guess the stalker/fangirl inside me just knew I couldn't sleep until I saw some Balenciaga. I ended up twitter stalking until 720am, scouring for the few pics editors / writers were taking at the first show for today. @Mrjoezee and @booth1 satisfied my carnal needs.

UNFORUNATELY though, usual twitter stalwart @dizzyblazeberg decided to skip Balenciaga today ... hmm thanks for those tweets... where else am i supposed to get the real low down on the shows??? WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU, WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU..

At first, from the dull, dimly lighted twitpics, I wasn't too happy about the collection.
( both from twitter.com/booth1)

The hooded leather vest first reminded me of some Action/Thriller movie my dad probably tried to get me to watch when I was 13. I then compared it to Rad Hourani and was over it. The second twitpic immediately made me think of Prada F/W 07 with the models blond sideswept hair, cat eye makeup and woolen tweed in a mix of neutral with orange/blue.. very much like that collection. Although, Hanne lurking in the background was certainly Nicolas giving me a sign that this collection wasn't going to quite be like that. He then went on to mix in references from multiple past seasons ending up giving us a rather wearable collection.

xx D

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