October 9, 2009


UGH I've had this odd insomnia kick for the past week.. it's getting debilitating.. it's just 5:50 am and i'm STILL meandering through my bloglist, praying for some weird reason that Fashionista would have somehow come up with another cheesy adventures in copyright post in the middle of the night.. I am sadly let down. I just read NYMag's daily intel for 2 hours. Not even a McQueen Lady Gaga finale can cure this.. well maybe..

Anyway... thought I'd post a lovely little comparison that's been brewing in my head for the past few hours.. I just watched one of my favorite childhood movies, Hocus Pocus with some friends.
The comparison might seem rude, comparing Lynn to a costume maquillaged (first imaginary french word of the post) Bette Midler. But it's not, I have a sartorial liking / mild fascination with Lynn and I feel it's just right (I can't really think of an explanation so just deal).. Although Bette might have to sing to 'put a spell on you,' Lynn just has to don a name embroidered cardigan or customized Goyard to bewitch the little dandy inside of me.

(Lynn Yaeger picture taken from coutorture)

(Redhead, bleached brow, cherub cheeks, strong lip)

So instead of going to sleep I'm going to procrastinate by reliving the recently past fashion week in NY.

Although pictures are nice mementos, I dislike taking pictures at shows because then it takes you out of the experience. Your yearning to capture the moment takes you out of it.. no good! I'll look at pics on Style.com and watching the show on youtube later.. it's nice to take it all in.. so here are a few pictures that I did take..

I snapped this picture after Ohne Titel, not too creepy right?

(Baby Lynnie and Mickey B)

After Ohne Titel, Marc and I had to hide in McDonald's to avoid the ever snapping style photogs that were stalking us all day.. fortunately I snapped a pic of them! ha! Talk about role reversals .. yeah it seemed funnier in my head .. I wish there was a role reversal button.. two hungry fashion students would gladly switch with this crew. (I call Hanneli and Tommy, leaves Susie to Marc..)

(Hanneli, Tommy Ton of Jak&Jil and Susie Bubble from our McD hideout post)

Cecilia Dean of Visionaire had walked by just before but the stash of movie tickets in my blackberry case blocked the shot!

Marc's two favorite 3 letter icons : YSL and McD. Yes they go hand in hand.

Hmm maybe I should do some typing for school?

EDIT - so hmm got to class this fine AM and I had an exam on business partnerships, stocks and IPOs etc , I'm throwing out all the terms I can remember ... If only there was extra credit for naming the newest adventure in copyright, creations that tavi just wore or celebrities/models bryan boy has recently mingled with... hmm


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  1. Oh my God, even Lynn Yaeger was tired at end of fashion shows. She almost looks like normally dressed.