December 4, 2009

coming out of hibernation for...

Sooo... yeah... long time no talk! I thought I'd do a quick post about the e-commerce launch of one of my favorite brands! Kenzo! ... But as its turns out, this is going to be a long, overdue post dedicated to Kenzo and Taylor Tomasi..

spring summer 2009 ad campaign shot by Mario Sorrenti featuring Magdalena, Marcel and Guinevere

It's a french brand that I encountered the first time I was in Paris when I was 16 .. I got a neon chartreuse pullover sweater from the Place des Victoires store . It has thick white visible stitching details at the shoulders and at the bottom side seams .. so lovely!

Anyway, here's a picture of the new site and a sweater i love! It's an interesting combination of a slouchy v neck sweater with a polo shirt .. I don't usually wear polo shirts but i think this combination is a quirky take that I'd certainly wear!

Kenzo, to me exudes fantasy .. from their fragrance to their always ethereal ad campaigns ..

Last Fashion, week I ran into Taylor Tomasi Hill, ex Teen Vogue Editor, now Style and Accessories Director of Marie Claire.
I was standing outside the Tents at Bryant Park waiting for a friend to arrive and then all of a sudden, she appeared. Head down, gazing at my blackberry, I peak up to catch right in front of me, these furry pedestal like boots ascending the steps. I glanced upward to see auburn hair and her frilly skirt walk into the tents. I was awestruck; it was a slow motion, indie movie kind of moment.

picture from

It took me a little bit to remember where the boots were from..They aren't your run of the mill Pierre Hardy's or Louboutins.. It's nice to see an editor wearing something out of the ordinary. After all, Kenzo is not a brand that is all that well known / advertised in the American market. Kudos to her! And when paired with her frilly asymmetric skirt, they looked great!

Here's the whole outfit.. lovely!

While talking about her, allow me to post one of my favorite street style shots of her.. love the pop of her yellow boots..

picture from the Sartorialist

That's all, time to do my product development project that's due in the morning!! it's only 2am now!

xx D

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