October 4, 2009

About to Butch it Up...

LOL at American Eagle for copying the classic, the Red Wing Boot..

(Classic Red Wing Boot on the left, American Eagle 'Woodsman Boot' on the right)

I'm kind of tempted to go to ... I can say it... American.... bleeeagahhhh .. American Eagle and try them on. They don't look bad on the internet, I'm just not sure if the quality will be there.. The AE Boots are $79 and the Red Wings are $191 .. hmmm.. this is a dilemma... It's a recession!!


P.S. don't expect any butch posts like this from Marc..

(omg rude! I was planning on doing write ups on who, in my opnion, has the cutest jersey in NFL. so suck on that one!) xxM

get your own post.. xxD


  1. they're both ugly so if you have to get them, go with the cheaper ones DUH

  2. lol i like them in a hiking boot / sartorialist influence rugged kind of way but i see how some people could not like them

  3. I think you should just try to see both pairs in person to assess the quality, fit, comfort, and detail of each, especially if these are boots you plan on wearing a lot. Or you may just want to have a [the cheaper] pair for the general look/trend for the season. But if you feel that it is the aesthetic key to have the real thing in this case, then I would say, scout out some discounts, and make the investment.

    Happy deliberating to you!

  4. or you could be like me and get them cheap at jcrew with my discount. CAN'T WAIT.

  5. the ones at jcrew are too tall and too expensive lol.. is it terrible if i like the black version on ae's website.. i feel like im whispering sins when isay ae...