October 2, 2009

Rare Self-Pimping and LOVE

I am usually heavily opposed to self-pimping but I have to make an exception for my *big* cameo over at Modelinia. Nadia, one of the girls who runs the site, caught me backstage and interviewed me! She's incredibly kind.

Check me out at the :20 at 1:23 time frame. Real Cute, right? Work. Work.

Karlie Kloss Working her first Vogue Italia Cover for you, and your friday love and adoration.

(image via models.com from Next NY)

Studded beauty, Simon Nessman decides to show up to work with Karlie.

xx D


  1. omg finally the video. i get to see the full thing. haha i swear i prob watched the beginning part like 20 times trying to find you :/ lmao <3 <3 <3